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Explore the Final Frontier at the John F. Kennedy Space Center

Explore the Final Frontier at the John F. Kennedy Space Center

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If you’re looking to add an amazing educational, entertaining experience to your Orlando family vacation, consider a day trip to the John F. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. It’s located in Titusville, FL, a little less than an hour east of downtown Orlando.

This interactive museum and attraction is part of the larger surrounding Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s primary launch facility since the late 1960s. Children and adults alike learn quite a bit about space exploration, and it’s impossible not to succumb to amazement during this truly awe-inspiring immersive experience.

Things to Do at the Kennedy Space Center

There’s plenty to do during your visit to fill your day. Just some of the highlights include:

  • The Shuttle Launch Experience, a rocket launch simulator
  • Getting up close to the Space Shuttle Atlantis
  • The expansive Apollo/Saturn V exhibition dedicated to the Apollo mission that brought Neil Armstrong to the moon (and the only place in the world where you can touch a moon rock)
  • The rocket garden
  • Two 3-D Imax Theater experiences that bring you out of Earth’s atmosphere
  • The Journey to Mars exhibit
  • A bus tour of the operating NASA facility grounds
  • A large playground where kids can burn off some energy

In addition, there are often chances to meet and talk to a real astronaut. This is a rare opportunity that never fails to instill a sense of wonder in children—and often in adults, too. If the timing works out, there may even be an opportunity to observe a live rocket launch from fairly close by.

Kennedy Space Center VIP Experience 

Make this the trip of a lifetime with the VIP experience. It provides additional opportunities to: 

  • Have lunch with an astronaut
  • Try out some intense astronaut training
  • See more of the Kennedy Space Center
  • Visit the NASA Launch Control Center, the epicenter of launch operations for the last 21 manned space shuttle launches
  • Tour neighboring Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
  • Play Cosmic Quest, an interactive game featuring real NASA missions 

Interested in Visiting the Kennedy Space Center?

This experience is unique to Central Florida, and it’s certainly an educational, inspirational, and memorable addition to any Orlando family vacation. Let us know it’s something you’d like to do while you visit the area, and we’ll handle all the arrangements, including for the full upgraded VIP experience.

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